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January 21, 2019

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By Trevor Nicholls

The area around Canal Road on the old railway right-of-way is cold, gloomy and damp. It is lit by strange orange coloured road lamps. Speeding cars trucks and bikes pass through. Goats, chickens, horses and barking dogs are never far away. Only the ducks seem to be enjoying them selves in the murky canal. Early morning swimmers are never overly fond of this darkened access, over the bridge and along the wire fence to the brightly lit pool area. When Saltus pool was first built, no type of heating was installed. The pool was cold, really cold; even the showers in the changing rooms were cold.
We do not know who the first person to wear panty hose at Saltus pool was. We do know that it was one of the ladies, in an effort to keep some bodily warmth, and build up some leg muscle strength. Wet suits as we know them to-day were not generally available. The men swimmers looked on in awe, amazement and some amusement. However there was no denying it was keeping the ladies warm, so they thought, well why not !! The sight of a group of men parading around the deck of Saltus pool wearing ladies panty hose, must surely have been a sight to behold, Monty Python could have done marvels with the scene. The names of these first swimmers have been lost to history, we salute them. A medal would have been well deserved.

Nowadays with one piece swim suits and heated pools we can enjoy a good work out and good comradeship. Swimming keeps you fit and active, you will always be welcome to join us.

FYI --- Saltus and Warwick pools are both now heated.
Real Men Donít Wear Panty Hose

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